The book series Architecture And Construction consists of five books each dedicated to one architectural material: Wood, Concrete, Metal, Glass and Plastic. Each book has two parts, one is a technical part with texts and drawings about the principles of use of the material its pathology and the related products that are available on the market. The second part consists of 20 to 25 built architectural projects that show an exemplary or inventive use of the specific material.

For this book series I worked as editor and partly designer. As editor I have created detailed outlines for all books and for each chapter. I have done the research and passed the material to Imma Muñinoz who wrote the final texts for the first part of each book. I have also created many of the illustrations. For the second part I made the selection of projects from the publisher’s archive of published projects. As designer I created complete layouts for the first part of the books and master layouts for the second part. The implementation of the second part layouts for all the books was done by Neu Studio.