Vathi Kokkino is a news website that has existed for almost seven years and now includes more than 14,000 news articles. It enjoys a wide readership and includes also an internet radio and an active online chat. The website was originally developed on Wordpress. Through the years various plugins and hacks had been used to achieve additional functionalities. These, together with the great number of posts had made the website dysfunctional. At some point it was decided to move the website to a new host, change the domain from .com to .gr and make the necessary changes so it will run smoothly and be more accessible and responsive. My goal was to achieve this on a tight budget and timeline.

It was decided to start with a new clean Wordpress install and transfer all the data there. I have opted for both a clear design (although one that would follow the established image of the site) and a clear functionality based on as few plugins and no parent themes. The redevelopment also included a restructuring of the content to 14 categories from the more than 100 that existed and the inclusion of an existing web radio service and a new online chat. View Vathi Kokkino here.